Grok TiddlyWiki

Soren Bjornstad has recently released the first edition of Grok TiddlyWiki and it’s terrific.

Grok TiddlyWiki is a textbook that helps you build a deep, lasting understanding of and proficiency with TiddlyWiki through a combination of detailed explanations, practical exercises, and spaced-repetition reviews of prompts called takeaways.

I forget how fun ox-hugo is

ox-hugo is “an Org exporter backend that exports Org to Hugo-compatible Markdown (Blackfriday) and also generates the front-matter (in TOML or YAML format).”

It’s more fun than it sounds.

A New Build

I’ve been feeling like blogging with Hugo again, so here we are. I’m running a stock version of the theme Even via Hugo module. The site is deployed to a Digital Ocean instance running the Caddy web server. Feels good, but I don’t know what I’ll do with it. Oh, and the domain is “”. I figured that way I can change things up later without breaking URLs. I picked “v6” randomly, since we must be on that version at least, right?

Writing everything in TiddlyWiki

I take all my notes in TiddlyWiki now, and publish most of them to For the past few years, I’ve published my wiki using TiddlyWiki. I write daily, publicly sharable notes there. Private stuff goes elsewhere…or did, until yesterday. It’s the “elsewhere” part that drove me nuts. I have a private Roam database in which I would track things I don’t want to share. Or maybe I should write it in Org mode.